Factory & Museum Visit

L’OCCITANE invites you to discover its site at Manosque in three steps: The Factory Tour A free guided tour, lasting one hour, allows you to enjoy a fragrant experience as you discover the different steps involved in the production of our products. The Museum An interactive area, which can be explored with different senses, traces the key steps in the history of our brand, from the magical moment of the first distillation to the projects supported by the L'OCCITANE Foundation. Temporary exhibitions are featured four times per year. The Store Here, in the largest L'OCCITANE store in France, you will find all of the brand's most famous products as well as its most recent launches, at preferential prices. The sales team is also at hand to give precious advice.

More Information

INDIVIDUALS Factory Tour From Monday to Friday – Free and guided tour Booking essential: Manosque Tourist Information Office 04 92 72 16 00 Gréoux-les-Bains Tourist Information Office 04 92 78 01 08 Museum From Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. – Free entry GROUPS (10+ people) Factory tour and museum, please call 04 92 70 32 08 The Store Open from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Prices 10% lower than in all other L’OCCITANE en Provence stores. Directions Via the A51 motorway Zone Industrielle Saint Maurice - 04100 Manosque, France 50 km north of Aix-en-Provence

Hot Air Balloon

Discover Haute-Provence from above with an incredible adventure! The L'OCCITANE hot air balloon is unique experience, accessible to all. Flying in a hot air balloon means, more than anything else, going on an amazing adventure. But it is also a human adventure, because you work with your pilot and help prepare everything for the flight. Flying in a hot air balloon means enjoying the visibility that comes with the crystal clear air and discovering a sight that is as magnificent as it is moving: the sight of nature as it bursts back into life in early spring, reawakening before your very eyes, or the sight of fields of lavender in flower on a midsummer's day. Anyone can enjoy this stunning show. Indeed, it is there to be shared.

An Evocation of the Brand

The hot air balloon evokes travel and escape, and arouses a feeling of pleasure and wonder. This is also what our brand evokes: a journey to Provence and the Mediterranean coasts, pleasure for the senses thanks to the scents and textures of our products, and the feeling of wonder that our customers experience when they step into our stores. The hot air balloon has become a symbol of L'OCCITANE communication. This quiet, ecological means of transport allows you to do nothing but contemplate nature. It carries the brand's values. Today, two real hot air balloons in the colors of L'OCCITANE float through the skies over Provence and Fontainebleau. If only it was easier to get everyone on board together! And so, instead, the hot air balloon image can be found on our many L'OCCITANE communication materials. The hot air balloon takes the best of Provence with it, then carries it to our boutiques all over the world. We chose to work with the company "France Montgolfières", an expert in outdoor tourism, with over 25 years' experience. It has several bases in France, including one in Provence, where you can take off on a unique, unforgettable and shared adventure in complete safety. FRANCE BALLOONS >

Journey to Provence

Founded by Olivier Baussan in Haute-Provence in 1976, L’OCCITANE has always had strong ties to the authenticity of the region, and its close relationship with nature. The cultural elements of Provence have also been increasingly important to the brand, especially with the opening of the five star hotel, Le Couvent des Minimes, featuring a L’OCCITANE Spa. Recently, the desire to share Provence with visitors has become a priority. In partnership with Kairos Travel, L’OCCITANE now offers tailor made tours of Provence, showcasing a variety of handpicked destinations and travel experiences. 

Local Partners

L'OCCITANE supports and values the men and women who make the Provence region come alive. The brand values respect, authenticity and sensoriality, which are at the heart of its commitments, along with a real desire for the preservation of nature and communication of the regional savoir-faire. L'OCCITANE is equally as invested in the areas of culture, sports and tourism with local and regional partnerships.



</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/culture4.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>UESS European University of Scents & Flavors</h2><p>The European University of Scents and Flavors is a place for training, research and exchange, and a reference point for the fragrant and aromatic plants industry, as well as the food and beauty industry, which is particularly active in the 'PACA' (Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur) region.  The UESS offers both specialized training courses for professionals and more light-hearted activities for the general public, allowing them to discover a rich range of scents and flavors.  <a href=''></a>

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"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>The International Piano Festival of La Roque D'Antheron</h2><p>For the past 31 years, the International Piano Festival of La Roque d'Anthéron has stood out as being an exceptional event in the world of music and piano

The Parc du Château de Florans continues to provide the magnificent setting for these impossible-to-classify encounters, where all types of music (classic, contemporary, etc.) come together, in all styles (jazz, electronic, etc.), performed by many different artists, from the youngest new talents to the greatest international players.  <a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/culture3.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>The Théâtre du Jeu de Paume in Aix-en-Provence</h2><p>Three theaters, one adventure. With the support of a region behind them, these three theaters provide artistic, economic and social 'riches' and offer a wide variety of events, including plays, music, dance and shows for children.


An Italian-style theater with 493 seats. The new theater was inaugurated in May 2000, along with the stage curtain, created by the painter Gérard Traquandi. Since 1981, the Jeu de Paume theater has been included on the supplementary list of Historic Monuments in France.

<a href=''></a>

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"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>The Théâtre du Gymnase in Marseille</h2><p>An Italian-style theater with 695 seats. The Théâtre du Gymnase celebrated its bicentenary in 2004. The renovation works were paid for by the City of Marseille, with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, the Region, the Département, and also funding from an American patron, Armand Hammer.

<a href=''></a>

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"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>The Grand Theater of Provence in Aix-en-Provence</h2><p>The Grand Théâtre de Provence puts on some 60 to 70 performances every year and hosts resident orchestras throughout the year. The project for this theater, conceived by Dominique Bluzet, consists of designing a place that brings people together around music (symphonic concerts, chamber music, jazz, opera, recitals, world music) and dance. It is open to everyone – music lovers and newcomers to music – and aims to provide a true educational experience.

<a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/culture5.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>The 'Les Rencontres Giono' Festival</h2><p>The Les Rencontres Giono festival is a literary and artistic festival and one of summer's cultural events in Haute-Provence. It celebrates the great French author, Jean Giono. Each year, the festival highlights an aspect of his life or his works in a lively and festive manner, using a variety of different artistic disciplines.  <a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/culture2.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>Blues & Polar Festival</h2><p>For the past 10 years, the Blues & Polar festival has combined the talents of the region with talents from far away. It modestly aims to portray society through books, cinema, writing and the blues, never forgetting disability. The readings, concerts and films are held at remarkable sites that are part of the region's heritage, in Manosque, Valensole and Forcalquier.

<a href=''></a>

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"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>Aix in Artwork Association</h2><p>The Aix en Œuvres association was created in September 2002 by Andréa Ferréol – a keen admirer of   Paul Cézanne. The vocation of Aix-en-Œuvres is to acquire or be involved in purchasing works of art, to restore works of art, to display, promote or carry out any other actions that will showcase artistic and cultural patrimony or celebrate an artist or author. Every year, in late June, the Flâneries d’Art (Art Stroll) festival in the gardens of Aix-en-Provence presents the work of about twenty internationally renowned artists. <a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/culture1.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>Views of Provence Foundation</h2><p>Placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Regards de Provence Foundation has several objectives. It aims to bring together, present and promote the artistic, cultural and musical heritage of Marseille, Provence and the Mediterranean, from the 18th century to the modern day.


Ambrogiani, Audibert, Barry, Chabaud, Dufy, Dyf, Friesz, Garibaldi, Guigou, Henry d’Arles, Lacroix de Marseille, Lhote, Lombard, Manguin, Monticelli, Olive, Ponson, Surian, Valtat, Verdilhan and Ziem are just some of the artists represented in the collection of over 850 works of art.  

<a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/culture11.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>International Perfumery Musem & Gardens</h2><p>Perfumery has always been important in society. It has been around in all civilizations since ancient times and has given rise to a variety of objects, using every art form.  The Musée International de la Parfumerie is the first public establishment dedicated to safeguarding this global heritage. Based in the emblematic town of Grasse, it presents perfume from three different angles: seducing, treating and communicating.


<a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/culture10.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>Le Pavillon Noir, Ballets Preljocaj </h2><p><a href=''></a>




"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>Vélo Loisirs en Luberon </h2><p>Vélo Loisirs en Luberon offers cycling routes for tourists, where they can discover the natural, cultural and historic treasures of the Luberon Natural Regional Park. There are some 450 kilometers of safe and marked routes, offering plenty of ideas for just a day or a whole week of cycling.  Vélo Loisirs en Luberon is also campaigning for the creation of cycle lanes in the region.   <a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/sport2.jpg""></a>"

"<a class=""tooltip"" title=""<h2>Natureman Triathlon du Verdon </h2><p>The first Verdon Triathlon will take place on October 6 and 7, 2012.  It offers a unique opportunity to practice a sporting activity in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: the Verdon Gorges. Weekend exercisers and world champions can take on two sporting challenges. The less athletic can cover short distances with the L'OCCITANE 'Discovery' triathlon, which can be done as a relay. Those who want to take on a bigger challenge can do longer distances and a more difficult course


This race aims to attract athletes from all over the world and has a truly unique character: it is the only event of its kind that also focuses on societal development. Indeed, it highlights regional skills and ecology through many aspects of the competition: organic products in biodegradable packaging will be available for those who wish to refuel, there will be an 'environmental charter' for the athletes, carbon tax compensation, electric cars, etc. <a href=''></a>

</p>""><img src=""/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/sport1.jpg



<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Lavender Routes Association</h2><p>Les Routes de la Lavande is an association that aims to promote itinerant tourism in France's land of lavender. From the Drôme region to the Hautes-Alpes, the Vaucluse, the Alpes de Haute-Provence and the Alpes-Maritimes, the 'Lavender Routes' invite you to discover an exceptional region and enjoy some unusual encounters.  
Along these routes, you will discover over 70 professionals from the world of lavender: producers, distilleries, museums and exhibition areas, not forgetting a few essential gastronomic breaks and some famous lavender festivals. <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/tourism3.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Palais des papes</h2><p>In the heart of the city of Avignon, the Palais des Papes welcomes over 650,000 visitors every year. It is one of the 10 most-visited monuments in France and its International Congress Center is a truly exceptional venue.    <a href=''></a></p>"><img src=""></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2></h2><p>In May, the Palais is adorned with meadows of roses during the Alterarosa event, where rose breeders from all over the world come to present their new varieties.   <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/tourism2.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Bistrots de pays </h2><p>The Bistrot de Pays label is a guarantee that accompanies a network of café-restaurants offering a variety of services in rural areas. It is unique in France. 
The 'rando bistrots' suggested during the summer period are an original concept based on enabling people to enjoy a guided walk, meet a farmer, then have lunch in a Bistrot de Pays. <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/tourism1.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Regional Tourism Committee</h2><p>The aim of these two organizations is to promote a very positive image of the 'PACA' (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) region and Alpes de Haute-Provence département in terms of lifestyle, vacations, sites, heritage, services and tourism products) and spread the word about this area, through global communication initiatives within the framework of partnerships.<a href=''></a></p>"><img src="/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/tourism4.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Alps of Haute-Provence Tourism Development Agency</h2><p><a href=''></a></p>"><img src="/img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_partners/tourism5.jpg"></a> 

Local Sponsorships

Based in the Alpes of Haute-Provence, anchored in its territory, L'OCCITANE is a brand very involved in its community. This land has been the inspiration for the brand since its creation in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, its founder. The preservation of nature and the communication of regional savoir-faire are priorities for L'OCCITANE. L'OCCITANE supports initiatives that spread the knowledge and use of plants in the Provence region. A selection committee meets once a year to decide which projects are supported.


<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Salagon Museum: Creation of a Field of Outdoor Plants & Flowers</h2><p>This project consists of making good use of a 2-hectare piece of land, where the museum's new, eco-designed reception building is located. A field of outdoor aromatic plants and flowers will be planted in autumn 2012.<a href=''></a></p>"><img src="img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_sponsors/preservation1.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Abbaye de Valsaintes: Creation of a Dry Garden</h2><p>It made perfect sense to have a dry garden at the foot of the sandstone rock that dominates this historic site, which has been identified as having its own endemic vegetation. The Abbaye de Valsaintes wishes to preserve and showcase this unique botanical heritage.In autumn 2012, a collection of species selected for their resistance to drought and cold temperatures will be planted. The Abbaye de Valsaintes will introduce aromatic plants such as  marjoram, different species of artemisia, cistus, agastache and perennial plants, such as epilobium, ballota, euphorbia, asphodelus, glaucium, etc.  A collection of rose bushes will also be given a place there.All of these plants will be precisely labeled with a QR code, which can be scanned to download photos and descriptions of each plant in the garden. The inauguration of this garden is due to take place in April 2013.<a href=''></a></p>"><img src="img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_sponsors/preservation2.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Renovation of the International Perfumery Museum</h2><p>The Musée International de la Parfumerie is the only public museum devoted to perfumery in the world. It recently acquired the La Bastide du Parfumeur botanical gardens, located in Mouans Sartoux, and began renovating them in 2012.The objective is to allow people to discover fragrant flowers and plants from the region of Grasse (centifolia rose, jasmine, tuberose, lavender, geranium, broom, orange blossom, etc.) and to unite players from agricultural, tourism and economic sectors.   
The main innovations include the creation of an 'olfactory library', informing visitors about the uses and properties of plants, improving the general organization of the visit over a 2-hectare site, increasing and enhancing signage, and creating a garden of medicinal herbs and an 'artistic' garden.  L'OCCITANE is helping to finance these renovations by paying for the plants that will go around four arbors. The design will be determined in agreement with our brand.  <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_sponsors/preservation3.jpg"></a>


<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Lavender Routes Exhibition: The Secrets of Lavender</h2><p>This photographic exhibition by Philippe Lemonnier presents professions and skills related to lavender and showcases Provence and the 'Lavender Routes' like an exhibition gallery.    There are many professions in the world of lavender: producers, pickers, cutters, distillers, perfumers, brokers, cooks, accommodation providers, etc. Each one has its own skills and characteristics. This itinerant exhibition includes 45 photographs, which will be displayed in various 'welcome points' (distilleries, museums, points of sale) along the 'Lavender Routes' from June 15 to October 31, 2012. <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_sponsors/savoirfaire1.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>European University of Scents & Flavors: A Documentary Collection Dedicated to Scents & Flavors</h2><p>The Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region is the main lavandin-producing region in the world and the main perfume-producing region in France. Many companies specialized in fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, beauty products, soap-making and perfumery are based in this part of France. 
The aim of this project, led by the UESS, is to create a unique collection of resources in the  Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region that consists of some hundred reference books, cosmetic standards, theses and databases dedicated to scents and flavors.  
This collection will cover the entire value chain (from the plant to the finished product) and will bring together as much knowledge as possible about plants, beauty products and perfumery. It will encourage innovation in this area from both companies and research laboratories, and will be available for consultation online and on the UESS website. <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_sponsors/savoirfaire2.jpg"></a>

<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Creation of the Views of Provence Museum</h2><p>In 2013, Marseille-Provence will become the European Capital of Culture. The creation of the Regards de Provence museum is the most important private, cultural infrastructure project to be completed for this occasion.  
Ever since the Regards de Provence Foundation was created in 1998, it has wanted to find a permanent home for its collection in the city of Marseille. This project to create a museum is based on renovating the old Station Sanitaire health station, which was designed by the architects Champollion, Fernand Pouillon and René Egger in 1948.
The future museum will have a surface area of 2,300 m², of which 1,215 m² will be set aside for exhibitions in four areas. The rest of the space will be used for visitor amenities, such as a  restaurant with terrace seating, book store, museum shop, reception area, terrace and accommodation for the museum's night watchman.  The museum will open its doors in January 2013. <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_sponsors/savoirfaire3.jpg"></a>


<a class="tooltip" title="<h2>Agribio 04: Aiming for a More Organic 2013</h2><p>The objective of this project is to increase the area of organically farmed land in the Alpes de Haute-Provence region so that 20% of farming land is organically farmed by 2013. The aim is to make this French département the first organic one in France. The crisis that has affected French agriculture for the past two years has also led farmers in Haute Provence to worry about the future. Many would be capable of moving over to organic farming, but they are unsure, as they still have technical or commercial concerns. 
Within the framework of the 'Objectif Bio 2O13' project, AGRIBIO 04 hired a technician in 2010 whose mission is entirely dedicated to the objective that has been set. Working in the field, with the aim of supporting new organic farmers and assisting their development, his missions are as follows:  -  providing information to traditional farmers, -  carrying out organic conversion surveys, -  organizing demonstrations, training and technical visits, -  following up technical matters and leading group discussions. <a href=''></a></p>"><img src="img/OCC/About_Us/content/provence/logos_sponsors/environment1.jpg"></a>

Sponsorship Candidates

<h2>Applying for L'OCCITANE Financial Support for Your Project</h2><br><p>Would you like to apply for support from L'OCCITANE for a local project?  A selection committee meets once a year, in the autumn, to decide which projects will be supported the following year. 
Applicants must meet the following criteria: • Must be a public interest organization• The project is related to the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region • The project is linked to knowledge of nature (preserving/sharing/renewing) with a focus on sustainable development and promoting the region (culture/tourism)
Applications may be submitted from May through September 30th.  
For more information, or to send your application, contact: Camille Eyraud


Based in the Alpes of Haute-Provence, anchored in its territory, L'OCCITANE is a brand very involved in its community. This land has been the inspiration for the brand since its creation in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, its founder. The preservation of nature and the communication of regional savoir-faire are priorities for L'OCCITANE. L'OCCITANE supports initiatives that spread the knowledge and use of plants in the Provence region. A selection committee meets once a year to decide which projects are supported.