Click & Collect - FAQ

click and collect

Can I order online and collect the delivery in any L'Occitane store?

You can order online and select shipping method "Pick up from store" for any store except Eilat.

Can I order online and pay when I collect at the store?

You can order online and collect it at the store only after you've paid online in one of these payment methods:
credit card, by PAYPAL, or "Pay by Phone" option.
In case you chose "Pay by Phone", our customer service representative will call you to arrange the payment by credit card or bank transaction.

Can I collect my order at store on the same day I placed my purchase online?

No. After you placed your purchase, your order will be delivered from our head warehouse to your requested store within 2 to 5 working days.
You will receive an e-mail massage confirming that your order arrived and you can collect it from store.

Does the remark "delivery within 5 working days" means that I have to collect my order within 5 days?

No. "delivery within 5 working days" means that this is our maximum delivery time we're obligated to. In fact it may be faster.
However, you can collect your order only after you received an e-mail message saying that your order is waiting at your requested store.
the package will wait at store for 30 days.