L'Occitane fights blindness

We are committed to fight blindness since 2000

Part of the worldwide fight for blindness prevention, global L'OCCITANE Foundation along with L'OCCITANE Israel has donated this year 10,000 Euro to the Israeli association "LIROT".
The association achieved this grant since they committed to perform vision screening to greater number of elderly as possible of Children and adults.

L'Occitane products Braille label


If you ever noticed the nubs on L'OCCITANE's product packing and you wondered what is it all about, you should know that it's not a fashion statement but a society statement. The oval vertical bullets along the product packing are actually Braille labels stamped on all our products worldwide.

Social Engagement

From the very beginning L'OCCITANE EN PROVANCE has been highly committed to exceptional social engagement. L’OCCITANE has used shea butter from Burkina Faso in its products. To reinforce this partnership, the L’OCCITANE Foundation supports the economic emancipation of local women with literacy programs and the promotion of entrepreneurial projects.<br>
In Burkina Faso, the foundation extended its philantropy activity to blindness prevention.

Avoidable Blindness

The foundation team and aid associations in Africa realized that major part of blindness, mainly among children, is cause by neglect and lack of attention. The numbers are astonishing: almost 285 million people are blind or visually impaired, whereas 80% of blindness is avoidable. This problem affects particularly the low - or medium - income countries, where over 90% of the visually impaired live.
In this context, the Foundation decided to get involved in this subject by funding NGOs projects to fight avoidable blindness around the world and by contributing to ophthalmologic research and local specialists’ training.

Your Donation

L'Occitane Israel and


Add to your cart 50ml Almond Shower Oil for 15NIS
as a donation to "LIROT" Association that acts for blindness prevention.

All profits will be donated to "LIROT" association.

L'Occitane Foundation activities to avoid blindness

15 by 2025

This programme brings together all L’OCCITANE’s international initiatives to combat avoidable blindness. Created in 2015, this programme was first baptized UNION FOR VISION 10by20 and set L’OCCITANE the goal of achieving 10,000,000 beneficiaries of eye care by 2020. Since 2020, this programme has now been renamed CARING FOR SIGHT and has set a new goal: to reach 15 million eye care beneficiaries worldwide by 2025. The programme involves various partnerships with NGOs and supports screening, treatment, and eye surgery projects as well as funding equipment and training for medical teams.

See in Israel

The "Lirot" association conducted with L'OCCITANE funding of €10,000 eye screening for many elderly as
possible and Holocaust survivors in the community.

Since 1997, L'OCCITANE has added Braille to its packaging. The L'OCCITANE Foundation was established in 2000 and since then has been working for the blind
And visually impaired. The goal is to reach 15 million children and adults who will be tested and treated by 2025 for L'OCCITANE.
In Israel, this is the fourth year that L'OCCITANE Israel has supported "Lirot", allowing the various populations to be examined in time and to prevent blindness..