Lavender Eau de Cologne

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Lavender Eau de Cologne


An ode to summertime, a real stroll on the fragrant hills of Haute-Provence Brightened by the radiant freshness of citrus fruits, the Lavender Eau de Cologne has a light, breezy scent, underlined by a woody, musky base with a captivating trail.This vibrant Cologne is a celebration of summer that captures the sunshine and brightness of Haute-Provence. Fresh and light it should be used generously.


Lavender was one of the first flowers used by our founder, Olivier Baussan. Its unique fragrance has become an aromatic tribute to Provence, earning the nickname “blue gold” from locals. To honour our roots, we use lavender sourced from farmers cooperatives in Provence. From home fragrances to bath and body care, our Lavender collection give you countless ways to bring Provence home. Lavender

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