Using our Beauty Products - FAQ

L'Occitane products

Are L'OCCITANE products safe for the skin?

To ensure that our consumers can use our products in the very best conditions, we give a use-by date on sensitive products, i.e. products for babies or organic products. Other products, with a durability of over 30 months, are not required to carry the use-by date. In this case, the "Period After Opening" (PAO) symbol appears on the product and indicates the number of months within which the product can continue to be used with optimum effectiveness, after opening, under normal conditions of use. This symbol does not appear on products where there is no risk of deterioration (eau de toilette, samples, etc.).

Can I keep my products in the fridge?

You can keep your products in your refrigerator if you wish; in this case they will last even longer. Moreover, since the coldness of the product improves skin microcirculation, it will boost the penetration of the active ingredients so that it has an instant effect. However, products that contain plant waxes or oils may become cloudy in temperatures lower than 10°C. This should not be a cause for concern: at room temperature, they will become clear again and the properties of the formula will not be affected.

Why do my products become cloudy?

Some products containing a high concentration of plant waxes or oils may become cloudy when exposed to a temperature below 10°C. They become clear again at room temperature and the properties of the formula are not affected in any way.

When should you start using a skincare product to fight the first signs of aging?

From the age of 25 your skin starts to become weaker. At this age, we recommend that you use skincare products with a preventative action. The products in the Almond-Apple range have been specially developed for this purpose. They contain a unique combination of active ingredients, enhance the beauty of your skin, and help provide effective protection against the first signs of aging.

Is it important to use a specific skincare product for the eye area?

The skin around the eyes is finer, more fragile, and becomes marked more easily than the skin of the rest of the face. Because of this, it is preferable to use a skincare product that has been specifically formulated for the eye area, such as the Olive Express Eye Treatment, the Immortelle Eye Balm or the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Eye Balm. These products are fragrance-free, colorant-free and ophthalmologist tested.

Is it really that important to use a night cream?

Night-time offers a favorable environment for your skin. During the day, your skin is in defense mode and exposed to harsh environmental elements (pollution, smoke, UV radiation, changes in temperature). At night, this is no longer the case and the skin is more receptive to skincare products, so it can work to protect its beauty.

Which beauty products are recommended for pregnant women?

During pregnancy, the skin becomes drier and is subject to unusual mechanical stress that, in 60 to 80% of cases, can lead to stretch marks. To keep the skin smooth and prevent stretch marks from appearing, it is essential to use products that nourish and firm and improve skin suppleness. In this case, the Shea Butter Mom & Baby Balm or certain products from the Almond range are recommended.

Products that contain pure essential oils or a high concentration of menthol, camphor or eucalyptol are not recommended during pregnancy.
When products should not be used by pregnant women, this is indicated in the precautions on the product label.

Can men use L’OCCITANE products?

L’OCCITANE has developed a range of products for men that is adapted to their skin and specific needs: the CADE range. Products in this range can, of course, be used with other L’OCCITANE products. All our products are very gentle on all skin types – even the most sensitive.

I have sensitive skin: what skincare products can I use on my face?

The ultra-comforting Shea range, with products for a complete skincare routine (cream, mask, cleansing milk, etc.) has been specially formulated for sensitive skin. It soothes the skin and reduces redness.

Are L’OCCITANE perfumed candles and incense sticks safe to use?

Yes they are. Detailed information and precautions for use are given on the packaging to make sure the products can be used both easily and safely.

What does this symbol mean, used on home fragrance products?

In accordance with European regulations on home fragrance products, this flammability symbol is used to indicate that the product must not be placed near a source of heat. A raised symbol is used so that the blind and visually impaired are also informed of the precautions that should be taken.