Relaxing Eye Massage

Are your eyes feeling tired and heavy in the morning or after a long day of work? In this video tutorial L'Occitane's professional spa trainer Catherine shows you detailed steps for an eye massage that relieves tension and stress. Use this massaging technique either on dry skin or after applying your L'Occitane eye cream.

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pinching movement for glowing skin - Spa L'Occitane

Pinching Movement

Pinching is the secret to wake up your skin and make it glow! Our spa expert Catherine shows you how to do the pinching movement for a perfect start into your day or after a long and exhausting day.

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Pressure Point - Spa L'Occitane

Pressure Point

Tired, puffy eyes? Discover the pressure point technique from our L’Occitane spa expert Catherine to make the most out of your eye care.

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