Relaxing Neck Massage

Daily stress or an unbalanced body posture can cause neck and shoulder tension. L'Occitane's professional spa trainer Catherine shows you a few simple movements to prevent a stiff neck and release the strain on your shoulders. Use this technique for a relaxing neck massage and relieve the pain step by step.

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relaxing breathing tips - Spa L'Occitane

Breathing Tips

Release stress and increase your focus simply with breathing properly! L'Occitane's spa expert Catherine shows you an anti-stress breathing technique that can have a great effect on your well-being.

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relaxing eye massage - Spa L'Occitane

Relaxing eye massage

Are your eyes feeling tired and heavy in the morning or after a long day of work? In this video tutorial L'Occitane's professional spa trainer Catherine shows you detailed steps for an eye massage that relieves tension and stress.

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